This July might not have been the most sunny in Dublin’s history, but we sure had a lot of events going on! We’re looking ahead to a new month filled with fun, even if no sun is guaranteed!


This weekend’s top picks are a 100% rain-friendly! All in all, an excellent way to kick off August!


Happy August Bank Holiday weekend!

1. Modern Wife, Modern Life | July – August

Modern Wife, Modern Life

The National Print Museum hosts a free exhibition about one of the most fascinating topics in the universe: women! More specifically, wives!


Ever wondered how modern history shaped the ideal role of wives? Depicted through women’s magazines, you can now witness the evolution of the millions of roles of wives in and outside of the nest.


One of the most promising things to see in this gloomy summer weather!


2. Christiane Peschek: 13 Kinder | 4 – 31 July

Christiane Peschek: 13 Kinder

Be quick and visit The Copper House Gallery before the PhotoIreland Festival is over.


Christiane Peschek, the winner of the Portfolio Award of last year’s festival is on the other side of the lens.


He portrays German and Austrian children between the ages of 4 and 10, and gives us an insight of how these children see themselves, and their future.


3. Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy | 24 July – 2 August

Dublin International Piano Festival and  Summer Academy

Renowned pianists come together from all over the world to entertain us, as well as workshops take place in several venues for those of us who play this magical instrument.


Do Liszt, Rachmaninoff or maybe Chopin rock your world? Want to hear exciting emerging talent? You have a sure bet with this festival!


4. Midnight Magic | 1 August

Midnight Magic

Long time no dance? Well, Saturday is coming up! Midnight Magic, the Brooklyn-based dance band is performing at the DLHarbour Music Festival! Good atmosphere guaranteed!


5. Legend: The Bob Marley Experience | 31 July

Legend: The Bob Marley Experience

Bob Marley’s heritage should definitely be celebrated all across the world, and the Bob Marley Tribute Band is doing just that! Their next stop is the Opium Rooms in our lovely capital, so don’t wait no more and book your spot at the concert and documentary screening for Friday night!


We hope at The National Wax Museum Plus, that you make the most out of your Dublin August Bank Holiday events no matter the weather! Come and say hi to Yeats, Saint Patrick or one of our Irish mythical creatures!


Have fun during these lovely 3 days!


Article written by Dorottya Kiss, our Hungarian-born marketing intern currently on a work placement from her French university. She’s a big fan of Dublin and of everything Irish!