Have you been around Temple Bar lately?



Pretty hard to miss that our old friend, the Wall of Fame got dressed in new colours!

The Wall of Fame in Temple Bar

Something exciting had been happening behind the scenes…

We’re jumping with excitement to see our friends open the Irish Rock Museum so close to us, in the heart of Temple Bar!

Their guided tours run every 30 minutes (from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 7 days a week) taking you behind the scenes in one of Dublin’s most iconic music venues, The Button Factory. You also get a sneak peek inside Temple Lane Studios where worldwide hits were recorded by artists such as Rihanna and Snow Patrol.


We went on a tour with Paddy, their guide who cracked us up!  

Temple Bar not only has always been a hub of Irish culture, it had a game-changing role in the history of Irish rock & roll. No wonder the Button Factory has hosted artists such as Hozier, Van Morrison, Sinéad O’Connor and Muse.


Without revealing too much of the details of this musical journey you’re taking, I can say that you will awaken the dormant rock star within!

Irish Rock 'N' Roll Museum Experience

Rock out like a real star!

Leave all your inhibitions at the door and form your own band, rock out like a real star and even create your own hit!

Phil Lynott Memorabilia at the Irish Rock 'N' Roll Museum Experience

Paddy Dunning (owner) receiving Thin Lizzy memorabilia from Phil Lynott’s mom

Get to know more about Irish music and check out memorabilia from the greatest Irish rock bands ever!


Check out Apollo Studios, one of the last places Phil Lynott ever recorded and home to an iconic Neve mixing desk. Get hands on experience with authentic instruments, and of course, enjoy the Thin Lizzy exhibition!


All in all, it’s a very interesting, comprehensive tour of the rehearsal rooms, the green room and the stage itself! In the recording studio just next door, I was hoping to run into some rock stars (our guide said it’s quite possible), well, I didn’t see anyone this time. All the better, a reason to come back!!



Prepare for an 80-minute journey that will absolutely rock your world!

Ready, set, let’s rock!


Article written by Dorottya Kiss, our Hungarian-born marketing intern currently on a work placement from her French university. She’s a big fan of Dublin and of everything Irish!