“Whatever this Irish charm is, it connects people. It touches your innermost being and talks about what it means to be human.”


I must admit, last Saturday, I walked into a gift shop on Grafton Street, and those fuzzy emotions flooded my entire being.


With watery eyes, I just stood there helpless in front of a box of chocolates filled with Irish whiskey.


My 4-month stay is ending in 3 days and I can’t help but think that… the Emerald Isle somehow tangled me up in its famous invisible net of Irish charm.

Connemara Mountains Ireland


Ireland speaks to your soul. I can try my best to explain you why, but I can’t reduce The Mystical Island to mere words.


When I think of Dublin, simply no words come to my mind.


Instead, I see flashing memories about the smell of old furniture in pubs, the buskers on Grafton Street, the kindness of my Irish housemates, the smell of the early morning malt-filled air, the reflection of Ha’Penny Bridge in the swollen Liffey late at night…

Dorottya Kiss @Dorothy_Kiss90

Met some deer friends in Dublin!


One thing I know, Dublin is breathing. Its lush green parks and the late-night music in Temple Bar, both nature and humans are alive indeed.

Busker in Dublin Temple Bar

If music had an address on this Earth, it would be Temple Bar Square, Dublin 2, Ireland!


Nothing compares to Irish nature. It is dramatic, remote, and perilous. It truly “takes the talk away from you”.  


The mountains of Connemara against the dramatic backdrop of grey clouds, Killarney’s church in the valley, the dizzying heights of the Cliffs of Moher and the thousands of seabirds on Rathlin Island are but a few examples.

Dun Briste Seastack

Every corner of Ireland is a photographer’s dream! It’s my dream!


I tried hard to define what the Irish charm is all about. To break it down to its components at least.


Is it the music? Or the harsh weather maybe? Is it the untamable nature, the old tales or even Irish whiskey?  


Whatever this Irish charm is, it connects people. It touches your innermost being and talks about what it means to be human.


Next time you’re walking down Temple Bar or sitting on the edge of the famous Cliffs, just look at other people’s faces and embrace their joy instead.


Go raibh maith agat a milliún, Éire. Thanks a million Ireland.


P.S. I love you.



Article written by Dorottya Kiss, our Hungarian-born marketing intern currently on a work placement from her French university. She’s a big fan of Dublin and of everything Irish!