A few days into the Mid-term break week, you might have started lacking the inspiration to utilise your children’s endless energy. No need for desperation, we are here for your rescue with ten unique and joyful activities for entire family.

  1. Theatre(s)

Things to do in DublinLet’s start by getting cultured. Without the pressure of school, your children might find the option of theatres much more enjoyable way of learning. Ark Dublin Children’s theatre is an interactive and interdisciplinary site where the young participants can explore the colourful worlds of theatre, music, literature, painting, film and dance. If you’re in the mood for a more conventional version, we recommend The Lambert Puppet Theatre, currently showing the re-enactment of The Little Red Riding Hood. Sit back in your chair and enjoy the show.

  1. Airfield estate

Things to do in DublinMid-term break week is the perfect opportunity to make the most of that much needed, yet often neglected time in nature. Airfield is Dublin’s beautiful working farm located in Dundrum. Besides farm and woodlands, it offers a whole bunch of activities like guided tours, workshops, meeting the animals, milking the cows, as well children’s play areas and spacious gardens.

  1. The Butlers Chocolate Experience

Things to do in DublinSweeten your family day with a trip to The Butlers Chocolate Factory. Take the Butlers Chocolate tour to see the secrets behind the chocolate manufacturing and learn about the history of chocolate. You can even try out your skills as a chocolatier and decorate your own chocolate novelty. Needless to mention, finish your visit to the factory at the Chocolate Café where you can also buy some treats and bring them home.

  1. Imaginosity

Things to do in DublinMuseum on three floors specially designed for children is a wonderland of possibilities. The exhibits bring together art, play and education, encouraging both children and parents to engage in the process of creativity. Don’t forget to make your bookings in advance!

  1. The Doll Store

Things to do in DublinEven though it may seem as a venue dedicated exclusively to female members of your family, there is plenty of content for everyone. Besides dolls and doll houses, The Doll Store presents a warm home for teddy bears and a comprehensive collection of miniatures. Relive some of your childhood memories browsing through the traditional toys and a vintage corner. Since it is also known as ‘The Doll Hospital’, you might even want to bring some of your old memorable toys for a repair or just a bit of a refreshment.

  1. The National Botanic Gardens

Things to do in DublinWhat better way of learning about the various plant spices than visiting Botanic Gardens’ rich collection holding over 15,000 plant species? It is opened every day, the entrance is free of charge and it is located only three kilometres from central Dublin. As if that’s not enough, it organises guided and audio tours, workshops for children and gardening classes for parents.

  1. Aqua Zone at the National Aquatic Centre

Things to do in DublinThis innovative water park promises an active day full of joy for the entire family. Whether you’re a fan of water slides or flying through the air, Aqua Zone made sure there is something for everyone. During the Mid-term break they are fully opened, from February 13th to 21st, 10am – 6pm.

  1. The 1916 Dublin Bus Tour

Things to do in DublinThe 1916th one hundred anniversary is almost here and your children might start asking what the fuss is all about. The most apprehensive way of learning will most definitely be The 1916 Dublin Bus Tour which reconstructs the story and the events of Easter Uprising with on board actors. You might even learn a thing or two yourself!

  1. Malahaide Castle and Gardens

Things to do in DublinIt may come as a surprisethat this historic site incorporates nature, culture AND a playground with zipline and diggers. Malahaide Castle is one of the oldest castles in Ireland which used to be home of the Talbot family for over 800 years. To feed your artistic side there is an exhibition of paintings and a collection of poetry; while the dimension of nature is covered by botanical gardens and seven green houses with over 500 spices. Since you’re already there, you can even take a stroll around the seaside village of Malahaide with a wide range of restaurants and bars.

  1. The Wax Museum Plus

Things to do in DublinThe Wax Museum Plus is designed as an interactive tour through history, science, literature, mythology, music, sports and a special section for the youngest members of your family – Kids World. Have your five minutes of fame in the Wax Factor studio which places you in the midst of a famous music videos and bring a copy home. As a cherry on top, make sure you make some moulded wax copies of your children’s hands at our Wax Hands facility to remind you of the quality time you spent together.