“I saw a lot of crazy things in my life but two of them are quite inseperable: Irish people and weather.”

Gabriele at the Trinity College

Everyday during my way from my home in Dorset Upper Street to Temple Bar I think about when I arrived here in Dublin for the first time, 18-year-old, wanderlust, on my first experience abroad.

I now find myself in the same city five years later, this time not as a student but as an intern, with a particular taste, to revisit the same streets, pubs and locations that made me fall in love with Dublin and Ireland.

Even after 7 months here, it’s still very hard to me to find an adjective that can describe this incredible country, a perfect mix of culture, nature and madness. Ireland really is a unique place in the world.

View of O’Connell Street in a rainy day

From the majestic “Cliffs of Moher”, with them breathtaking view that make you feel small and insignificant, to the incredibly characteristic oldest pub in Ireland “The Brazen Head”. Every time I have visited that pub the atmosphere is  hectic and full of good people and music pub that is “just” 820 years old. One of my favourite streets in Dublin is always lively Grafton Street everyday full of street artists that do the background of your walks.


Gabriele in Phoenix park with one of the famous deers

Dublin finds always a way to surprise me day by day. The local people, who are the most cheerful and crazy people you will meet in all your life. They have  taught me how here there is always a good reason to have party and the value of a good pint of Guinness. They’ve shown me how doesn’t matter if in the morning it’s hot and there are no clouds, you can easily find yourself soaking wet at the end of the day! But this city also taught me how beautiful and peaceful it can be to walk alone, with just your headphones , across the river in the night with the view of “Ha’ Penny Bridge”, and that it’s also possible to rent a bicycle and take tour as well as a work out in the enormous and fantastic “Phoenix Park” . That is  definitely a good choice to work off a special burger in Bunsen in Temple Bar quarter.

Gabriele celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Temple Bar

After having reached half of my Irish experience I can’t imagine what future will have for me but i can surely affirm that this country, the fantastic people that I met here and all the lovely places where I’ve been to will have forever a special place in my heart. I was lucky enough to tick Spending St Patrick’s Day here in Dublin off my Bucket List and, my it was wild! After that which was for sure one of the craziest experiences I’ve had in my life, I can say that I’ll be forever a “Siclian Irish man”.